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Cleaning: A New Kind of Treasure Map….

And you don’t have to follow some tricky trail to get to where “X” marks the spot either!  Just clean or organize something from your past….

A week ago I found myself going through an extra-large rubbermaid storage tote. It housed a number of my favored arts and crafts as a kid. I had so many boxes of beads it was a bit crazy and of course most of them had spilled onto the bottom of the tote.


A Sea of Beads

This box tote (whatever you want to call it) was big enough for me to jump into a sea of beads. I wasn’t feeling that daring but I did go fishing and pulled out several old jeans’ pockets, an old children’s board book and a few beads I still like after so many years! :D

I knew almost exactly what I wanted to do with the board book.

Side Note: Most of the time when I keep things they get used a lot later on or worse forgotten about! So this is a personal broken record, LOL!
Hmmm, hoarder…well maybe?!

I came back to my current dwelling place and immediately began to alter the board book. So far I’ve added a denim book cover and belt closure. I used denim deco tape to adhere the denim.

I have 10 or eleven more pages to fill before its contents are truly altered.

Visit every week to witness my board book’s full transformation. Let the creative process begin….


Altered Cover

What kinds of treasures have you found while cleaning and organizing your space? Feel free to share by commenting below. Do you have ideas for them, yet?

You are Encouraged to Share your projects below or join us at the Alcove!

Love Write,


An Artful Epiphany: An ‘Ol Ceramics Pot turned Candle Holder

An ol ceramics project created in 2003 j.ajabad

An ol ceramics project
created in 2003

Isn’t it fun discovering a new purpose for that ‘ol project you created decades ago? I recently had this  experience! I’ve had this pinch pot for  eleven years as a decorative element in my room. I made it in my high school ceramics class and never glazed it. Don’t ask me why I never glazed it! I couldn’t tell you. Aside from the stains of time this little ceramics project is in its natural kiln fired state. It was one of my favorite ceramics projects. I cannot recall exactly how I got the idea for this piece but I love its organic look. There are a few holes on each side to give the appearance that it has been weathered over time. As I reflect on this project the tip of the pot looks almost like an earthen flame. I do remember thinking that I had made some of the walls of my pot too thin. I was concerned for the survival of my pot. Isn’t it interesting the things we remember and how a little knickknack can often help us tell part of our lives’ stories? I discovered a new purpose for my pot over the past weekend. I asked a family member if I should paint my pot and they advised me to leave it in its natural state. It was amusing because they thought it was a very “unique candle holder.” I was amazed at this interpretation of my ceramics project because I had never intended it to be a candle holder. In fact, at the time of its completion I had no clue what I’d use it for or how long I’d keep this little novelty from my teen years, LOL! We put a little tea-light in the pot and lit the candle! It gave the pinch pot new life!  It went from an organic-like room decor to a candle just with the flicker of a flame. We both looked upon the new candle holder with such awe and wonder!  The features of this eleven year old ceramics piece were glowing in candle-light and I saw it in a different light (pun intended). I’ve lit the candle twice since then and I know for a fact that it’ll become my favorite staple no matter what room I use it in. It’s a good thing it’s so light. :D

before & after, pinch pot project

from pinch pot to candle holder
by: j.ajabad
(c) 2014

Have you ever made something then discovered a new purpose for it years later?

Discover Your Creativity: At Your Canvas

alcove door2

We’ve used our walls to create! Our crayons covered inches of plaster with our scribbles or we’ve attached our masterpieces to our bedroom walls. We dream of a place where it is permissible to use the walls as our canvas…

There is a place where amber flames crackle. Brilliant and warm. Herein in a room within a room there awaits blank walls of canvas, paper and cork. They stand in wait for scribbles, splatters of paint and photography. A place that is only a click away. Put a pot of coffee or make yourself some tea and click your way to the alcove.

We welcome you to join and scribble on our walls.

Canvas Alcove is:

A comfortable, friendly and warm place for artists and those who enjoy the arts to Write. Create. Discover. At the Canvas Alcove it is our firm belief that everyone is capable of being creative. We strive to provide ways for folks to nurture their creativity regardless of their level.

What can you find in the walls of the alcove:

At the Canvas Alcove the admin is active and is always eager to read suggestions from members on the Suggestion Box wall. Members can create an inspiration board which is essentially a gallery board to jump start their creativity. Members can participate in challenges, prompts and other activities like Micropoetry or Virtual Poetry Reading. Members have the opportunity to promote their blogs and arts related events on our calendars. Artists can draw within a thread. The Alcove recognizes their members when they “debut” and provide opportunity for the alcove to acknowledge the contributions of fellow members. Members also have the opportunity to be the first to know about blog updates and have the opportunity to write for the blog.

These activities and more are always being added! Are you still curious? You can visit the alcove and post your questions here or send me a private message.

I hope that you’ll join the creativity!

creativity, forums, community, arts

          You can scribble on these walls!


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10 Reasons Why You Should Join the (forthcoming) Canvas Forums

alcove door2

On August 25, 2014 Canvas Poetry is launching its forums. Will you join the artful festivities?

10 Reasons You Should Join the Canvas Forums:

  1. You can network with other creative across several genres of art.
  2. “Compete” for forum awards like: Creatives of the Month!
  3. participate in Virtual Poetry Readings!
  4. Countless Boards provides with many ways to vent creatively!
  5. You always know what is happening on the blog.
  6. Members will have top priority in being chosen as a blog contributor.
  7. participate in challenges and Challenge other members on the forum to flex their creative muscles.
  8. To crush your creative block (maybe it’s not a myth after all?!)
  9. To find a new hobby or embrace your current one completely.
  10. Draw within a forum thread.

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I’ve always wanted to have some kind of community connected to m blog. I attempted make this idea a reality two years or so ago and found that I didn’t like the organization or management of the network I was using so I scrapped the project.

I decided to attempt again. I am working on a forum-based community that I will be launching 8-25-14. The link is already in the navigation bar to let people know that it is coming. Although on a couple of occasions I have seen an “error” message–fret not I am working to get it up.

The community will be an extension of the Canvas Poetry blog if you will. There will be many threads suitable for all creatives! :D


SEE YOU ONLINE 8-25-14! Hope to see you there!!!!


Love Write,


A Photo a Day for a Month

After reading a blog post at pixelscrapper, about how the founder/designer took a few photos to capture their July, I decided to do the same for August. I wanted to find a calendar template layout but couldn’t find a satisfactory template. Then I decided maybe I could figure out how to make my own calendar in photoshop but then I decided it would be easier if I found an app that had a place where I could showcase a photo I took each day.  I thought that if I had a calendar on my android  phone where I could plug in a photo everyday it would be quite helpful and then I could take that calendar and turn it into a fun scrapbook layout.

It took me sometime before I found an app that worked for me. Two out of the three I tried had the date in the center of the photo. Which I hated. The first photo-a-day app had the option to set a reminder but I did not like the font and how the title of the app was above the month. I also had no way of sharing my photos i.e sending myself a copy of the calendar.

The second photo-a-day app had a couple more options including a way to share my calendar. However, the ability to share the calendar was not at all effective because each time I tried to share it with flickr or e-mail it to myself the app would freeze.

The third and current app I use is my365!  With this app you need to signup! You can do so through facebook or twitter. This app is quite cool because it looks like a scrapbook layout in and of itself. The days of the month are in the corner of the page instead of in the center.

Other features:

  • in-app photo editing. tints appear to be vignette-like.
  • users can access their calendars through the phone app or the net
  • personal url for their calendar.
  • privacy settings

This app appears to be relatively new. At first I had some issues with the app. At one point it froze and I lost my photos. However, in my phone’s gallery there is a my365 album, so that is a helpful feature though you’ll have to plug them back in again.  Another issue I ran into was my photos on my cell phone calendar were not present on the site. It took a few hours to catch up with my account, I suppose. However, photos are now visible on both venues. :D

Despite a few bugs this seemingly new app is promising and I think it may helpful for my photo-a-day project this month. I’ll be sure to let you know more about my experiences with this app over the coming days. :D

How do you chronicle your life? Why have you chosen this medium?

p.s– There is an app called project 365 but it is seems like it is only available for iphones. :(LOL!

The Only Way to Destress…

Summer vacation is supposed to be relaxing. Well this summer has been incredibly rough. The only thing I took a vacation from was my blog. I forgot about the Poememes challenge yesterday until right before I fell asleep.  OH BOY! Is anyone out there wondering what happened to the challenge? If so I apologize yet again. Life has a tendency to unfold no matter what our plans. It’s alright if you’re not being thrown a curve ball, LOL! Despite this summer’s trials and tribulations I have still managed to do some artwork. Ah the only way to distress! :D What do you think?

I will make a summer gallery of some of the items I’ve made this summer. I am currently working on my first digital scrapbook kit and it’s been a lot of fun. I had been considering making my own items in hopes of making my layouts more personal,but I never knew where t start. The scrapbook community pixelscrapper  knows how to cultivate newbie scrapbookers and designers. I must confess I have spent a lot of my digital time there this summer (apologizes to blog). I hope to create more of my own kits later, we’ll see what happens. But since I do some scrapetry it would be beneficial to make some of my own papers and elements for those pieces.

I am also venturing into taking a photo a day this month. I am not following any current specific challenge. My intent here is to just capture my August in photos. I am doing this through an android phone app. I’ll cover this app in another post!


The Heart is like A Locket

I’ve always been something of  a sentimentalist but I find myself clinging to my memories more now in the wake  of tremendous grief. I lost my mom earlier this month and I have found myself digi-scrapping hardcore. Memories have become more like precious gems that I find myself seeking to preserve. I have found lately that layouts (LOs) are like mason jars while my photos are like jam.

(I’m still a novice) When I got photoshop CS5 I started digiscrapping more cause I was able to use the templates and tutorials available at a friendly little community called pixelscrapper.

I want to make sure that my layouts will not only preserve precious memories but also be enjoyed by my family and friends. Digiscrapping is better than the traditional paper scrapbooking because it’s cheaper and you don’t have to worry about messing up. However, I would say I am a bit of a hybrid scrapper because I like my paper stash too, LOL! My journey into scrapbooking began a year or two ago when the software I was using was a bit limited. Photoshop makes such a difference. And a wonderful community that provides encouragement and a willingness to share their scrapbook goodies with members goes a long way. :D Those two things have become great tools in my desire to preserve memories.

If I had started this new creative venture earlier I could have captured and shared so many wonderful moments with my mom. Well, I can still digiscrap my memories and begin an album, keeping it close to my heart forevermore.

Memories are life’s tokens of moments and the people who make our lives better. Memories are meant to be captured, preserved, shared and cherished. Sometimes memories sustain us through the long dark and bitter cold that is the season of grief. This is why scrapbooking has become such a staple in my life, even more so now than ever. It is my hope that I can share LO’snot just for feedback but also with friends and family. Digiscrap is great because I can make one layout and print it five times if necessary. Or keep it as a PSD file and revise, edit and retool the layout.

I have combined my interest with (digi)scrapbooking and poetry: scrapetry. Can you stand to see another hybrid word? Someone is probably sighing as they read this. How many compound words can one possibly make using the word “poetry”? I’m not sure but I think two is my limit: “poartry” & “scrapetry”….LOL!

Love Write,


P.S–For this week’s POEMEMES (yes, it is back!) I want a reader to come up with the prompt.  Suggest your prompt in the comment section for this Thursday. Remember a Poememe is a verse of poetry accompanied by art.







I Need A Timeout

Well, I thought I could keep this blog up and tend to my summer studies! Uh-huh, not really! ;( I tried though! Anyways, I’ve been a bit all over the place the last few weeks. If anyone has visited recently you may have noticed by the random posts of Poememes. Those posts ended up being posted on Friday, YIKES!

I realized last week that until my semester is over I won’t be able to blog. I’m currently trying to fight the urge to create when I need to study thanks to the acquisition of a new laptop. Anyways, I need to revert my focus back to my studies until the end of June. I have 2 classes and 4 papers due within 3 weeks of each other! I may need to attend the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party after this. (Sorry, I’ve got Alice in Wonderland on my mind because I’m writing a paper on the logic of the story for math class).

Anyways, pardon my ramblings and I hope you’ll stay tuned until the end of June… Keep creating!

Love Write,