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Feeling Good!? Express It, Embrace It!
Feeling Bad!? Express It, Release It!

This canvas “formula” was inspired by the movie/book The Secret. One of my favorite movies, I was first introduced to The Secret three years ago, when I was given the book. Three years ago, when I read it, I never made it to the end. A year and half later, I felt lost, shuffling my feet through life. Something occurred that prompted me to pick up the book again. Since then I’ve read the book several times. I’ve watched the movie more. The Secret, shares with its readers/viewers the concept of the Law of Attraction. It states that like attracts like. In short our thoughts and feelings create our lives. We attract to ourselves what we think–focus with passion brings about your desires. The movie concludes with the phrase feel good.
        As an artist I took this one step farther. I invite you to ask yourself How are you feeling? And to express those feelings. If they are great hold onto them. Bask in their warmth and share them. If they are bad, express them too, but release them. Laugh as they leave your person. Smile as a tidal wave of joy washes over them.
        The following are some writing activities from one of my favorite books on writing, The Tao of Writing: Imagine. Create. Flow. by Ralph L. Wahlstrom. These activities remind me of the message of The Secret and the Canvas formula, in which it has inspired such. Enjoy!

These are in no specific order. More or less the chronological order goes by my favorites…

(this poem speaks most closely to the Canvas formula of feelings. CANVAS=CATHARSIS)

Write a poem entitled “This Poem is Gone” or with the subject matter of any negative emotion. Then, let it go–burn it (CAUTION!), bury it, soak it in water, delete it, paint over it. Use your imagination, make it disappear. Also I think eliminates the pressure/ stress of having to “write something perfect!”

Affirmations Journal
Keep a daily affirmations journal. (Affirmations are positive, uplifting, motivating self-talk) Words have power! Take the first step and write down your goals. These maybe short, simple reminders to ourselves. IT DOESN’T TAKE MUCH TO ALTER YOUR LIFE. Also in your journal write extended messages detailing your strengths, dreams and wishes.

Changing the World
Write the world anew. Seek out a situation or practice that troubles you and rewrite it. Don’t necessarily write the ideal–the utopia world. Experiment with less-than perfect alternatives–play with the darker aspects of the world if you wish.

But remember we cannot change the world if we do not change ourselves.

Exercise A: Imagine a character who is unable to forgive an insult. (One who holds grudges) Write what happens to this character.
Exercise B: Write the same character finding forgiveness.

Free write on your deepest desire.Then write a scene in which you approach achieving that profound desire. Remember to write the approach, the buildup, not the moment.

I hope these help make your day better or at the bare minimum get your creative juices flowing. I trust in the secret though I am still a novice in regards to applying it to my life. Being able to choose your thoughts and feelings or even change them in mid-stream is empowering. I recently just bought my own copy of The Secret dvd. Now I can watch it whenever I need a reminder. There are times when I find the concept of the Law of Attraction hard to believe, especially when I was first introduced to it. I have dug up situations and events that occurred in my life and managed to remember what I was thinking at the time. I am astonished to have realized that I shaped that event or outcome and I can continue to do so. I just have to be aligned with the universe, the source or whatever it maybe that I believe is at work. I encourage you to rent the dvd or the book from your library.Or purchase a copy for yourself. And or visit The Secret’s web site.
May we all be joy and spread it throughout the world.
Love Write–
One Canvas One Soul/j.ajabad

I have included The Secret and The Tao of Writing: Imagine. Create. Flow. below in order to cite the sources I have mentioned as well as fyi.

The Secret
Rhonda Byrne

The Tao of Writing: Imagine. Create. Flow.
Ralph L. Wahlstrom

(c) 2010 One Canvas One Soul/j.ajabad


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