Memoirs of Memori

Memori’s: Family & Writing

 All my memories of my mother are oral passages bestowed upon me from my grandmother. To me Momma is a myth whispering across the plains of my heart. Her greatest gift to me was this little leather journal in which I scribble to release the weight of the day. Another gift she bestowed upon me was my name. Momma named me Memori, because I was among her most precious memories. I am just now beginning to understand it more elusive meaning. Momma was a gypsie psychic. She could predict the future and see things as they occurred miles away. Her memories were the collective consciousness of humanity, thus she couldn’t decipher what was hers and what she shared or what were the stories of another. I cannot predict the future, but I possess the latter trait. It’s confusing sometimes. It’s almost like having amnesia but you know who you are. The problem is that I have memories that are impossible to possess. I couldn’t have seen these events unfold for they are much older than me. And yet I can tell you stories of yester-year that are so vivid, like I’ve been there and experienced them first hand…

Grandma, gave me this journal after I learned to write the alphabet and its lasted over a decade. Somehow Momma managed to find a journal that would last me a lifetime. Grandma always said that Momma believed that writing was the best medicine. To write meant that your demons had no place to go, and they were fixed to a field of papyrus. I felt apprehension when I first started scribbling my thoughts. I didn’t want them to be read or even known. Grandma assured me that this journal would be my domain only and made a lock to keep my thoughts private. She then, made a locket to house my key from the prying eyes of the world.

These are my memoirs! I am Memori, just a girl trying to make sense out of life, while I sift through the collected memories of the human consciousness in order to find myself. I present to you the key to my leather-bound heart as I go on this soul journey. Thumb through and enjoy! But leave the key under the mat so I may find it upon my return.  

(c)2010 j.ajabad



About onecanvasonesoul

I'm an artist of the poetic persuasion yet I dabble in papercrafts, art journaling and scrapbooking!


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