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To Quote Ferris Bueller

I was putting the pasta leftovers away, when I found myself sighing with a “thank you for leftovers” on my lips. Then my mind being an analytical piece of work began to entertain Ferris Bueller’s quote: “Life’s too fast, if you don’t slow down you may miss it.”
This then turn plagued me with wonder and thus I sit and ponder. How easy is it for us to become so wrapped up in our lives that we only see what we perceive as problems? Why do we get so wrapped up in our lives–to the point that we almost welcome the stress?

I often turn to my notebook or sketchbook and pour my contents out. That is my moment. The Pause–in my life’s movie. I am at peace. My mind is tranquil and for a few minutes the deadlines don’t seem like fire breathing dragons. Other times I try to stop PERIOD. Not even a sketch or notebook by my side. I’ll relax. And sometimes even meditate, just paying attention to my breathing. My mind’s eye watching my surroundings melt. That whole idea sounds tempting. In fact I could try it right now. Begin a steady routine of meditation and finally stick to it. To stop for a few minutes and look around internally and externally. Perhaps find the source of creativity–my personal source and then sketch in verses with punctuation or a vantage point?

Nonetheless wouldn’t be nice to find an activity or give yourself a moment to yourself where you just pause and reflect. Maybe it doesn’t have to be an activity. Maybe it just need to a few minutes and a favorite treat to energize yourself. And to look around like Bueller advises us to do. Maybe we’d become stress free and begin to develop a panoramic perception–where we see things from all angles. And in turn find a means to help others and ourselves.

Inspiration comes from everywhere. You don’t have to be an artist to be creative. An artist has a muse but we as a society have creativity. Go CREATE! ‘Til then I have one more question for you: If we got a scale and weighed our blessings against our troubles, which would out weigh the other?

Love Write,


About onecanvasonesoul

I'm an artist of the poetic persuasion yet I dabble in papercrafts, art journaling and scrapbooking!


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