Memoirs of Memori

Beneath the Pages of Memori

Memori poster (c)j.ajabad 2011

Memoirs of Memori, sprouted amidst my mind’s alliteration tangent late one night. A pure happenstance. Memori is a character who resides in the caverns of my mind thus her story is composed of a few elements. In the prose of her journal are pieces of fantasy, autobiography and history. I draw upon my own experiences in an attempt to make her persona real and approachable. I draw upon my own imagination to reflect the complexities of human consciousness. Finally, I hope to use historical research to provide my “historian apprenticeship” a medium of expression and to in fuse my interests in history and literature. Some entries will encompass all these elements, while others will only convey a single element. Furthermore, these elements will attempt to illustrate the notion that we are all connected.

The overall purpose of this piece is to illustrate the power of the pen, if you will.

It’s Memori’s goal to inspire others to try journaling as a way to purge emotions or a personal means of expression. In addition, journaling is a personal experience and it should be shared only at the writer’s disgretion. Which ever medium one uses is one’s own decision. What you write or don’t write is also one’s decision. It’s probably the most liberating forms of writing because anyone can do it and it isn’t as formal as other forms of writing. You can be messy and use slang. You can make up your own language if you’d like. It’s a piece of artistic reflection. It’s your thoughts in their rawest form. It exposes your fears and sheds light on dreams, maybe even buried ones in which you have yet to realize. Among these things journaling can be meditative–if you’re able to purge your emotions onto a page or in a word processor. It can also be your map to self discovery.

          I hope this story has given you some food for thought. Next time you are feeling angry, blue, happy or even excited write about it. And see how it makes you feel or go another step further and scratch it out til the page is crinkled by your (insert emotion here).  Til next time remember a Memori is meant to be expressed.

Love Write,



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I'm an artist of the poetic persuasion yet I dabble in papercrafts, art journaling and scrapbooking!


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