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Lately, I’ve been watching the inhabitants in the branches of my weeping cherry blossom tree. A robin built her nest and soon and soon an egg appeared. Then two more were added. However, today I discovered when those beautiful robin blue eggs hatched a week ago they actually gave way to four chicks. I’ve learned a things or two from this robin family: 1.) Life is indeed, fragile. 2.) Diligence is necessary in order to produce a harvest. 3.) Family literally flocks together. These adorable fuzzy chicks snuggle together in each others’ company and then rise like Jack-in-the-box from the base of their home when their mother swoops down toward them. The chicks then chirp greeting their mother with their beaks open like funnels eagerly waiting earth’s pasta.

It’s a blessing to watch one of God’s creations multiply and perpetually grow. I just wish I had a better camera to capture them, yet I feel they are too vulnerable to handle such. I also don’t want an angry mother to dive bomb me. However, this robin family has inspired my creativity in other ways….

Love Write,

(c) J.ajabad 2012

                                      TO BE CONTINUED….

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I'm an artist of the poetic persuasion yet I dabble in papercrafts, art journaling and scrapbooking!


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