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Hey folks!

Since there is a handful of new items on my blog I decided to write about them. I am happy to say there is a new poetry blog in the directory.  The blog titled: Immortal Words of Me,  is a journey through a poetic soul whose expression is both eloquent and mesmerizing! You can read the author’s description here or better yet click to here to visit.

As part of the Poememes weekly challenge which occurs here every thursday, I am experimenting with new ways for people to share their work. Hopefully this will prove helpful. I have started a google+ poememes group and I am going to try using #poememes on twitter. As always you can join the flickr group or post them below the Poememes post here at Canvas Poetry. Please make sure it is a link to the specific image and not a home page url. If you are new to the Poememes challenge please visit the new archive prompt page where you can find the guidelines & current prompts!

Also I am launching a newsletter! Check out the details below and click to join if you are interested! 😀

Unlock your creativity

I  am still retooling my blog top as a means to combine the ‘ol One Canvas One Soul site. Look for archives of poetry/prose and canvas (art stuff) coming soon. The canvas section will be created from scratch since I lost much of my materials.


About onecanvasonesoul

I'm an artist of the poetic persuasion yet I dabble in papercrafts, art journaling and scrapbooking!


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