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Poememes: Returns Next Week & Some Food for Thought

I wasn’t planning a two week hiatus but apparently life has a tendency to intervene. LOL! Changes and situations are necessary to help us grow or at the very least keep us on our toes. And as we grow our art usually follows suit.

In the last two weeks I got married and have adjusted to life with a new home and role. And this past week I started my summer term. I have to deal with math 4 days a week. Yikes, I’m not exactly wired to do math but maybe by June I will be! Gulps, I hope so!!! I’ll need to fit some creative moments somewhere if only to keep me from becoming the product of stress.  I think I made a mathematical play on words here?! Take that math! 😀

I’ve noticed as I’ve matured as an artist (well I often use that term loosely) my perspective on art and what it means to me has evolved too. At one point I viewed it as a lifestyle and a way to express myself. Much of the time I created art “to feel better” which when I was upset or mad my art too on depressing themes. Art was my outlet and I used it as such. I think many people who saw my work were at least curious about that.

Today I still use art as a means to relax and express myself. However, if I share my work with others I try to consider the message I want to convey. Art has a tendency to reach others where we couldn’t individually. I remember seeing this goregous sketch of a cross in the education school on my campus a few years ago and it immediately caught my attention. At the time of the sketch the artist was 12 and I thought how powerful and uncensored was this boy’s heart. He went against the grain with his art. The other drawings and sketches were Piccaso styled self portraits or fruit.

I saw this boy’s sketch at a time in my life when I felt lost for a lack of a better term. The sketch would become what I believe was the first breadcrumb that would change my life and help me reconsider my own faith and instill in me a desire to want my faith to grow.

As an artist I acknowledge my passion and creativity is a gift and I can use it as a tool of expression and connection. Art is dynsmic not stagnant. An artist should be growing with their craft.

Ponder the messages you draft in your craft if you share your pieces. Are you reaching out to help someone?

Just some updates and some food for thought.

What kinds of things influence your creativity–how is your artistic voice shaped? Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting below! 😀

*P.S– Poememes RETURNS next Thursday!!!!*

Thanks for stopping by! If you’ve been creating share a link of your work in the comments section of this post!

Love Write,



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