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An Artful Epiphany: An ‘Ol Ceramics Pot turned Candle Holder

An ol ceramics project created in 2003 j.ajabad

An ol ceramics project
created in 2003

Isn’t it fun discovering a new purpose for that ‘ol project you created decades ago? I recently had this  experience! I’ve had this pinch pot for  eleven years as a decorative element in my room. I made it in my high school ceramics class and never glazed it. Don’t ask me why I never glazed it! I couldn’t tell you. Aside from the stains of time this little ceramics project is in its natural kiln fired state. It was one of my favorite ceramics projects. I cannot recall exactly how I got the idea for this piece but I love its organic look. There are a few holes on each side to give the appearance that it has been weathered over time. As I reflect on this project the tip of the pot looks almost like an earthen flame. I do remember thinking that I had made some of the walls of my pot too thin. I was concerned for the survival of my pot. Isn’t it interesting the things we remember and how a little knickknack can often help us tell part of our lives’ stories? I discovered a new purpose for my pot over the past weekend. I asked a family member if I should paint my pot and they advised me to leave it in its natural state. It was amusing because they thought it was a very “unique candle holder.” I was amazed at this interpretation of my ceramics project because I had never intended it to be a candle holder. In fact, at the time of its completion I had no clue what I’d use it for or how long I’d keep this little novelty from my teen years, LOL! We put a little tea-light in the pot and lit the candle! It gave the pinch pot new life!  It went from an organic-like room decor to a candle just with the flicker of a flame. We both looked upon the new candle holder with such awe and wonder!  The features of this eleven year old ceramics piece were glowing in candle-light and I saw it in a different light (pun intended). I’ve lit the candle twice since then and I know for a fact that it’ll become my favorite staple no matter what room I use it in. It’s a good thing it’s so light. 😀

before & after, pinch pot project

from pinch pot to candle holder
by: j.ajabad
(c) 2014

Have you ever made something then discovered a new purpose for it years later?


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2 thoughts on “An Artful Epiphany: An ‘Ol Ceramics Pot turned Candle Holder

  1. j, I think that’s what the creative process is all about. You set out to do or make something and end up with something you never expected. That happens all the time with my aphorisms. What I want to write changes in the act of trying to write it.


    Posted by nothingprofound | September 29, 2014, 10:05 am

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