Poememes Prompts Begin Tomorrow

Poememes prompt challenge begins tomorrow (Sept. 10)!

What is it: A weekly challenge hosted by our sister sites: Canvas Poetry and Canvas Alcove (the forum). Poememes is a hybrid term combining poem and meme. However we define meme as any medium that can be used to support and make art and write verse. (that is our short-hand version).

To simplify it a bit more here’s our “formula” art+1verse=poememe

Where is it: Visit the blog or forum every thursday for the prompt. You can start anytime and share or not share…or share in more than one place if you’d like. 

How can I participate: Translate the prompt however you wish by using whatever medium your heart desires and make sure it has your own verse written, typed, etc. on your piece.

Upload it to the forums. Or upload it to your blog, site, photo sharing media and share the direct link on the forums, social media by using #poememes, #1verseart (oneverseart), or in the comments of the prompt challenge post on Canvas Poetry. 

Some suggested art mediums (to help you get started): 

Canvas or Burlap

Washi Tape



Scrapbook Paper


Index Cards

File Folders

Assorted Embellishments




  1. Your poememe must be your OWN work in response to the weekly prompt.
  2. Your poememe must have a textual element as well as an artistic element.
  3. Your poememe must not convey or otherwise depict anything hateful, violent, or be sexual in nature.
  4. If you are sharing your piece on your blog or site please link directly to your poememes
  5. Let’s get tangled in verse and paint in our hair….I mean, Let’s have some fun!

*Joining the Canvas Alcove and posting your piece to the appropriate prompt thread gets you 50 leaves in forum ca$h!!!!!*

Helpful Links:
Poememes: New Prompts to Begin
Poememes Original Prompt Challenge
Poememes Archive


About onecanvasonesoul

I'm an artist of the poetic persuasion yet I dabble in papercrafts, art journaling and scrapbooking!



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