As a poet and artist I often get “wow, I wish I was creative!” or “when do you find the time to create?” These two statements often bewilder me because I believe you don’t have to be the creative type in order to create.  Creativity, in my own experience occurs naturally like a flowing stream or a person’s heart beat (interesting examples, huh?).  I also believe that creativity is excercised in how we solve a problem or even create a meal. And like everything else it needs to be nurtured. 

Finding time to create, well that just seems to come naturally to me and yet I often need a little nudge by way of a prompt. Let me introduce myself, I am j.ajabad (that’s my penname) and I have been blogging here since 2010.


About Canvas Poesia

Canvas Poesia  is the fusing of poetry+art (poartry)! My blog has a 3-tier purpose: 1.) functions as my personal portfolio (where I post my poetry, art, musings, etc. 2.) a kind of e-zine (my blog is open to submissions of family friendly art, poetry, prose), 3.) Host to a community forum featuring a companion blog or forum hub. It is my hope that this Canvas project becomes a one-stop spot for all your arts needs.

I welcome  you to my little blog-based community. Please feel free to grab a cup of your favorite drink (mmm chai tea latte) read and join in on the fun…..

What you’ll find:

  • Opportunities to discover and cultivate your creativity through prompts and challenges (throughout the canvas).
  • Opportunities to share your art, poetry and insight on these creative endeavors.
  • A directory of resources and a place to submit your blog/site link.
  • A place to network and acquire feedback from other creatives on the Canvas Alcove forum(s).

Visit the sitemap Canvas Contents for more details.

One Canvas One Soul

One Canvas One Soul has since been absorbed by the Canvas Poesia blog. It was a larger scale project at one time but I had to condense it into my blog for a few reasons. You can read about it here.  The project was essentially meant to create a community of artists and non-artists alike. Through this medium I sought to unify the different art forms onto one canvas while weaving a tapestry of humanity which in turn would provide common ground for all. It is my belief that, Art in its many hues is the most expressive way to make a statement. Thus through this blog I will strive to continue this goal while leaving room to grow.


Another facet of this project was  A.R.T, which stands for Awareness, Revolutions and Tranquility (or evolving interpretations): redefines art, one sketch at a time. This is the “community outreach” if you will and it consists of workshops, galleries and other art related events.

It was most active in the summer of 2011 when I volunteered at my public library and hosted an open mic for poetry and an arts showcase.

This project emerged from a passionate two-fold belief regarding the arts: 1) The arts is one way we understand and relate to other cultures. 2.) Art expresses boldly the contents of the heart and communicates on all levels.

About Me

I go by the penname j.ajabad and I have  been writing poetry since my freshman year of high school. I also spent much of those  years “drawing”.  I’ve been blogging on different platforms since about 2000 when I  finally decided it would be a good idea to share my work in hopes of receiving some  constructive feedback and grow. On my blog journey I had blogs that were a mixture of  my poetry and life (Bear Hugz and Ink Stained Poetry) the latter is currently the  category I have used for my poetry on this blog.  Before 2010, I was looking for a new  home for my creative voice and found it here on wordpress.  In previous years, I have participated in various poetry forums and or sites including The Starlight Cafe. You can view my  older poetry here.

As an artist I currently prefer art journaling because it combines so many mediums into one. I have found a great deal of inspiration on pinterest where I curate tools, tutorials and artwork.

When I am not creating or blogging I spend my time pursuing an education to educate in the future. Most days you’ll see me with a pen in my hair and a cup of coffee or tea.

Keep In Touch

Feel free to e-mail your questions, comments, suggestions and work at One Canvas One Soul.  If you would like to be notified of new canvas posts you can subscribe to my blog here or via bloglovin’.

You can also connect with me on google+, facebook and twitter. Or view my art gallery on flickr.

If you are looking for a forum to network with other creatives where you can share your work, participate in prompts/ games, and more join the Canvas Alcove (“where you can write on our walls!”)

Thank you for stopping by! I hope to hear from you soon! 😀


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Canvas Contents


All photos, artwork, and text is the creation and property of j.ajabad. UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED! ANY and ALL pieces contributed to Canvas Poesiart are the sole property of the author(s) and or artist(s) who have generously submitted their work(s) to the Canvas Poesiart blog. (Whenever possible Canvas Poesiart gives proper credit and recognition to those who contribute to the blog.) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! No part of this blog maybe copied or used without the written permission of the author(s) and or artist(s). !CANVAS POESIART LOVES WRITE!


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