This is a list of previously posted poetry and articles (P’ARTICLES) found on Canvas Poetry. Pieces with an (*) were generously contributed to Canvas Poetry and author names are listed beside the titles. All pieces are the sole property of our authors. All Rights Reserved! READ! COMMENT! LOVE WRITE–RESPECT THE HEARTS’ OF THE WRITERS & ARTISTS!  New P’ARTICLES  are on top of the heap and in bold! 😀




6 Things the U of M/MSU Game Can Teach Us



Poememes: Week 2

Poememes Prompt: Week 1

Poememes Prompts Begin Tomorrow

Backdrops: Ink drips, tape and paint splatter…Oh MY!

POEMEMES: A Journal Journey & New Prompts to Begin…..

Update Time Again

Crafting a Rolodex Box

Checking In…

Cleaning: A New Kind of Treasure Map…

An Artful Epiphany: An ‘Ol Ceramics Pot turned Candle Holder

Discover Your Creativity: At Your Canvas

10 Reasons Why You Should Join the (forthcoming) Canvas Forums


A Photo a Day for a Month

The Only Way to Destress…

The Heart is like A Locket

I Need A Timeout

Poememes: Stylized Letter

Poememes & Envelopes

Poememes: Returns Next Week & Some Food for Thought

Poememes: Dive Into the Archives

Poememes: Freebie

You Know You’re A Poet If…

If I Were A….

Since Her Tears Poured

Poememes: 3 Of a Kind

Wear Your Poetry

 Poememes: One Sentence Autobiography

I Got A Poetique Feeling Down in My Heart

FOUND: A Writing Community

Poememes: Tag Your It

25 Word Story

Poememes: Art Journal Page


Poememes: Credo

Poememes: Textures & Verse

Poememes Prompt 1

Of Scraps, Poememes, and Art

Poememes: A poetry and art weekly challenge

Got Paper?! Here’s two sheets of downloadable paper

Posted Elsewhere


Canvas Condensed Soup

Planning on Canvas

Of Memories & Treasures

Painting my Thoughts

Burlap Writing Canvas

Digitally Remastered Verses on Paper

Sweet Dusk

Vase on the “Potter’s Wheel”


The Write Idea

Whose Voice Speaks

Poetique Morceau: Verses of Heritage & A Pen’s Dialect


Rest Now Little Chick

Symmetrical Fortress

Poetic Scrap

An Observation

Observations, Lessons, Nature & Poetry

Poetic Scrap: The Rise of Night

Publishing Worshop


Something Borrowed


Art Journaling: Pages of Adventure

I’m A Thinker


Word Collection



Choose a New Name for the Poetry Blog

While I’m Alive* by: Kryptonight83

Open Submissions


The Shadow & the Memory

Drastic Draft

The Harmony of Friendship

Poetics, Prose & Notes

Beneath the pages of Memori

Weapons of Mass Creation

Remains of Inspiration: Visual Writing Prompt

My Writing Nature: A Pair of Poems inspired by my P.S journal

Play & Flight

From the Ink Stained Lips of Catharsis

Canvas Poetry’s Home within a Home

Currently Splashed upon the Canvas

VOTE: For the title for a future “Ink Stained Heart” poem

Title 1: Breaks the Dam of Writer’s Block


Check point

Sultry night

 Book of Ideas

. …from one artist to another…with Love

Erosion of Pain


What’s in a Title

Precious Thought

Framed Poetics

Letters to Heaven

To Quote Ferris Bueller

A Verse A Day: Challenge: Guidelines/Tidbits

A Verse A Day

A Writer’s Revelation

Art Quote

40 Lessons the Arts have Etched Unto my Mind

The Cycle

Memory is Abundant Ink

Guardian Spirit

The Dreamcatcher

Memori’s: Family & Writing

Heads up for the short story

Letter from Mama

Proceed with Caution* by: Belle

Natural Occurrence

Writing Prompts

You’re Invited…


Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

The Power of the Arts: An Observation


To Quell déjà vu

My Heart Whithers


Poetry to me is–

Give Me Something to Write About

Season of Love

…the chic behind the page

A “Philosophical Fit”

Dance of Discovery

Snapshot: River

Mistress of the Shadows



Write Here

The Occurrence of Ideas

Art Is Eternal (debut post!)


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