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Love Letter

Scribble me tender your loving words leave them on my lips love letter delivered. (c) j.ajabad 2016 Advertisements

Indian Summer

October sunamber rays burndays of yearningIndian Summerleaves streaked blood reddrizzling downfrom ocean blue skiessuch Glory. (c) j.ajabad 2016

The Writing Craft….

The fate of the sentence is dependent on the writer’s trigger finger. Poor little line he trembles in his punctuation awaiting his fate. Will he remain in the prose or be swept away with a stroke of the white-out! (j.ajabad 2015)

Louder than Words….

Actions echo! (j.ajabad 2015)

Minutes toc past me as I sit in the shadow of night pondering my poetic jargon. (j.ajabad 2015)

If I Were A….

“If I were A…” is a prompt I found in my twitter feed a few days ago. You can check out more about this prompt here. Here’s my response to the prompt: If I were a hawk I’d glide through the ethereal brushing the branches of trees they’d shutter in their barks at the gusts … Continue reading

Since Her Tears Poured

The Writer’s Digest is hosting a poem a day challenge for National Poetry Month. I have managed to write 3 poems. On day two the creativity wasn’t flowing. I decided to post my response today’s prompt (day 4): Since____________. This poem almost reminds me of a reverse ugly duckling story. What do you think? Since … Continue reading

25 word story

I was clicking through my feed on bloglovin‘ and found a great challenge on the Daisy Yellow blog.  The challenge consists of writing a 25 word story on an index card. I was surprised I didn’t have much trouble with creating a story. However, I think I went over the word count by one or … Continue reading

Of Memories and Treasures

(image credit: Treasure Chest Euro Coins, Why are memories like buried treasures that we seek in response to loss as if those memories are like gold and silver in the ceasing moments of life of a relationship that can only survive in the lockets of our hearts. How often do we embrace those moments … Continue reading

Painting my Thoughts

Lately I haven’t been writing much but I have been creating.  Much of my creativity has been splattered on pages or cut out (paper crafts). I’m working on condensing my site with my blog in hopes of staying up to date and motivated, plus it is easier to update this blog on the go than … Continue reading

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