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The Blogging Plan

For many years I’ve been attempting to be a more organized and habitual blogger. Well I believe I may have finally become a little more organized via my happy planner. Last November I discovered this great planning system with heart cut-out discs, plenty of paper, stickers, and sticky notes. The discs are super cute and functional … Continue reading

Wear Your Poetry

Through April rains I shall wear my voice in verses. Scribbling thoughts on my sleeves read them before they smear.#wearyourpoetry — One Canvas One Soul (@1canvas1soul) March 27, 2014 You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve? Well, throughout the month of April I plan to wear or carry my heart in verses of poetry! Starting … Continue reading

I Got A Poetique Feeling Down In My Heart

I currently began writing poetry again. I found inspiration on twitter reading some wonderful micropoetry. I’ve tried my hand at a few pieces and I will post them soon. My timing couldn’t be better because April is nigh and you know what that means?! National Poetry Month! I’m quite excited for it this year because … Continue reading

FOUND: A writing community

While doing some research to answer a question from someone who recently discovered poetry I found this promising online writing group. It’s funny what you discover when helping others. I’ve done some research to gauge the effectiveness of scribophile. After much internal debate I decided to join and so I did. Last night I became … Continue reading

Publishing Workshop

Last week I attended the League of Extraordinary Poets workshop “Paths to Publishing” at the University of Michigan Dearborn. The guest speaker was an experienced published author who was also their advisor. This workshop was informative and a friendly reminder of the feat that is publishing. Below are my notes: Be part of the Poetry … Continue reading

Word Collection

While I was doing my final reading assignment for last semester I stumbled on a bunch of words that I either didn’t know or found to be obscure and interesting. During this two book reading ordeal I kept my notepad and cell with dictionary.com on my mobile bookmark. So far it has become a great … Continue reading

Title Brainstorm Breaks the Dam of Writer’s Block

A few months ago i posted a writer’s block technique. i’ve used it before but writer’s block has befallen me so i’m gonna use it again right here on the spot. Update: This is an ongoing list of titles. Titles from my Cranium: Autumn Painting Seasonal Shades Amethyst Tears Tea & Quackers The Breath of … Continue reading

check point

In january i gave myself a challenge: write one verse a day for a year. one! i didnt think it would be so difficult, but around march i began to falter. However, a major goal of this challenge was to be on writing mode. I’ve written more poetry and im having fun doing it. my … Continue reading

B.I.O: Book of Ideas

Robin is to Batman, like my little black book is to my prose, a great sidekick. It’s slightly larger than pocket size, but small enough to carry with me. This book houses the inkwell of my soul, rather my thoughts. My rawest, random, observations and inner most thoughts are jotted down here in bits and … Continue reading

A Verse A Day: Challenge Guidelines/Tidbits

Guidelines & Tidbits You can begin at anytime during the course of the year, however once you start if you have to try to write a verse everyday. Log your verses on your computer or a notebook with the date next to it. Write a verse that tugs at your attention; that won’t let you … Continue reading

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