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To Be RESCHEDULED! I realized that I was over zealous in having a blog-wide event. I didn’t have enough resources at the moment. In addition, my blog recently came off of a 3-4 month hiatus, which made things challenging because of a lack of followers. I plan on hosting Create-a-palooza in the near future (hopefully … Continue reading


This week’s poememe prompt is Nature. You can use items from actual nature you acquire from a nature walk. (‘Tis the season in my neck of the woods to find fallen leaves and twigs everywhere, LOL.) You can use nature inspired embellishments like stickers, flowers and leaves. Or take a photo of nature and make … Continue reading

Poememes: Week 2

This week’s prompt is Mosaics. Remember art class or during a troop meeting when you did a mosaic project. I remember one project where we used tissue paper to create a mosaic plate and my brother made a mosaic tile with smaller square tiles. For your mosaic you can use any medium you can piece … Continue reading

Poememes Prompt: Week 1

Draw, sketch, collage, doodle, etc.. your image. It can be of anything or anyone you are drawn to.Or you can write a concrete verse about something you are drawn to. Just draw….Anything. Anything at all.This is a drawing specific prompt. Don’t worry about quality. However, you interpret this prompt make sure it has a component … Continue reading

Poememes Prompts Begin Tomorrow

Poememes prompt challenge begins tomorrow (Sept. 10)!What is it: A weekly challenge hosted by our sister sites: Canvas Poetry and Canvas Alcove (the forum). Poememes is a hybrid term combining poem and meme. However we define meme as any medium that can be used to support and make art and write verse. (that is our short-hand version).To simplify it a bit … Continue reading

Backdrops: Ink drips, tape and paint splatter…Oh MY!

I began working in my Lines mini-journal over the last few days. I prepped my pages with paint, ink, incent ash, masking tape, and scrapbook paper just to name of few staples of my current backgrounds. These prepared backgrounds should save time and be less intimidating than a crisp white blank page. Below is the gallery of … Continue reading

POEMEMES: A Journal Journey & New Prompts to Begin…..

Poememes will return to Canvas Poetry Sept 10! To celebrate the return of the Poememes project I decided to create a mini-art journal from a spiral bound index card book (seen above)! I titled the mini-journal “lines” because I am going to write lines on each card and because the wooden bracket label wasn’t big enough … Continue reading

Crafting a Rolodex Box

My mom gave me a huge stack of vintage rolodex cards. As I began altering them I realized I needed to figure out what to do with them. I went the semi-traditional route and made a rolodex box rather than buy one. My box is large enough for plenty of altered rolodex cards, file cards … Continue reading

Cleaning: A New Kind of Treasure Map….

And you don’t have to follow some tricky trail to get to where “X” marks the spot either!  Just clean or organize something from your past…. A week ago I found myself going through an extra-large rubbermaid storage tote. It housed a number of my favored arts and crafts as a kid. I had so … Continue reading

An Artful Epiphany: An ‘Ol Ceramics Pot turned Candle Holder

Isn’t it fun discovering a new purpose for that ‘ol project you created decades ago? I recently had this  experience! I’ve had this pinch pot for  eleven years as a decorative element in my room. I made it in my high school ceramics class and never glazed it. Don’t ask me why I never glazed it! … Continue reading

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