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To Be RESCHEDULED! I realized that I was over zealous in having a blog-wide event. I didn’t have enough resources at the moment. In addition, my blog recently came off of a 3-4 month hiatus, which made things challenging because of a lack of followers. I plan on hosting Create-a-palooza in the near future (hopefully … Continue reading

The Blogging Plan: Happy Brainstorming

…So as I promised I am bringing you a followup installment of my blogging section in my happy planner! So far my favorite page in my blog section is my dry erase board where I brainstorm blog posts. I used a pocket page protector made especially for the happy planner. I inserted pocket cards made by … Continue reading

Backdrops: Ink drips, tape and paint splatter…Oh MY!

I began working in my Lines mini-journal over the last few days. I prepped my pages with paint, ink, incent ash, masking tape, and scrapbook paper just to name of few staples of my current backgrounds. These prepared backgrounds should save time and be less intimidating than a crisp white blank page. Below is the gallery of … Continue reading

Discover Your Creativity: At Your Canvas

Are you looking for a friendly, supportive, and creative place to make your art? Canvas Poetry may have the answer…
<a href=" Continue reading


I’ve always wanted to have some kind of community connected to m blog. I attempted make this idea a reality two years or so ago and found that I didn’t like the organization or management of the network I was using so I scrapped the project. I decided to attempt again. I am working on … Continue reading

The Only Way to Destress…

Summer vacation is supposed to be relaxing. Well this summer has been incredibly rough. The only thing I took a vacation from was my blog. I forgot about the Poememes challenge yesterday until right before I fell asleep.  OH BOY! Is anyone out there wondering what happened to the challenge? If so I apologize yet … Continue reading

Got Paper?! Here’s two sheets of downloadable paper

I often create stationary to share here. Some of which is digital while some are made by hand. You can download the pieces either one or both and then use them for your personal use only. If you write a poem and post it to your blog please link back to the canvas.Below you’ll find … Continue reading

Planning on Canvas

Sometime ago I realized I need structure despite how much it tends to bore me. I need a flexible structure or routine enough for me to be organized and on top of things. This routine helps me with my personal projects too. Recently I’ve felt even more compelled to plan my blog posts not just … Continue reading

Of Memories and Treasures

(image credit: Treasure Chest Euro Coins, Why are memories like buried treasures that we seek in response to loss as if those memories are like gold and silver in the ceasing moments of life of a relationship that can only survive in the lockets of our hearts. How often do we embrace those moments … Continue reading

Burlap Writing Canvas

Lately I’ve been busy crafting loose leaf stationary for the blog when I have a free moment. I have a half dozen or so to edit but for now I’ll share one with you. You may download this image to save and write or type on this page. All I ask is that you do … Continue reading

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