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The Blogging Plan: Happy Brainstorming

…So as I promised I am bringing you a followup installment of my blogging section in my happy planner! So far my favorite page in my blog section is my dry erase board where I brainstorm blog posts. I used a pocket page protector made especially for the happy planner. I inserted pocket cards made by … Continue reading

A Photo a Day for a Month

After reading a blog post at pixelscrapper, about how the founder/designer took a few photos to capture their July, I decided to do the same for August. I wanted to find a calendar template layout but couldn’t find a satisfactory template. Then I decided maybe I could figure out how to make my own calendar … Continue reading

Poememes: Returns Next Week & Some Food for Thought

I wasn’t planning a two week hiatus but apparently life has a tendency to intervene. LOL! Changes and situations are necessary to help us grow or at the very least keep us on our toes. And as we grow our art usually follows suit. In the last two weeks I got married and have adjusted … Continue reading

Poememes: Art Journal page

For this week I could not come up with much of a prompt. Instead I  thought I’d share a piece that took me forever to complete! Why do  you ask?! Well plain and simple I felt the need to find the perfect way  to add the little sentiment/poememe to my journal page.  Seeking “the  perfect … Continue reading

Got Paper?! Here’s two sheets of downloadable paper

I often create stationary to share here. Some of which is digital while some are made by hand. You can download the pieces either one or both and then use them for your personal use only. If you write a poem and post it to your blog please link back to the canvas.Below you’ll find … Continue reading

Painting my Thoughts

Lately I haven’t been writing much but I have been creating.  Much of my creativity has been splattered on pages or cut out (paper crafts). I’m working on condensing my site with my blog in hopes of staying up to date and motivated, plus it is easier to update this blog on the go than … Continue reading

Burlap Writing Canvas

Lately I’ve been busy crafting loose leaf stationary for the blog when I have a free moment. I have a half dozen or so to edit but for now I’ll share one with you. You may download this image to save and write or type on this page. All I ask is that you do … Continue reading

vase on the “potter’s wheel”

vase, a photo by onecanvasonesoul on Flickr. This is the poem that is found in the vase: My terra cotta heart kneads your love to grow I beseech you to raise me up my empty vessel may hold your water and never thirst again. (c) j.ajabad 2012 This piece occured in well pieces. The first … Continue reading

The Write Idea

The Write Idea, a photo by onecanvasonesoul on Flickr. Sometimes our creativity needs a jump start just like the battery of a car. However, a writing prompt can often hinder the spontaneity of the creative process. Above is a piece of Canvas Stationary with a check box list of options for the pen. Maybe it’s … Continue reading

An observation

She plucked a plump delicacy from the earth and while struggling with it another robin chased and teased her, plucked it away. (c) j.ajabad 2012

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