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Indian Summer

October sunamber rays burndays of yearningIndian Summerleaves streaked blood reddrizzling downfrom ocean blue skiessuch Glory. (c) j.ajabad 2016 Advertisements

If I Were A….

“If I were A…” is a prompt I found in my twitter feed a few days ago. You can check out more about this prompt here. Here’s my response to the prompt: If I were a hawk I’d glide through the ethereal brushing the branches of trees they’d shutter in their barks at the gusts … Continue reading

Sweet Dusk

A cotton candy sunset a sugar coated dusk permeates the sky my mouth waters. (c) j.ajabad 2013


“Winter Storm” Image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev/ I know not the sum of moments which cause the winds to whisk me away, or cerulean waves to siege my vessel tossing me further out to sea on this voyage we call life. Yet there is a Lighthouse standing upon the shore its beams waving with guiding hands … Continue reading

Rest Now Little Chick

How fragile is life– I’ve seen it dangle  there like a thread a feathered child left its nest never knew much of the world except for the safety of its humble home and Momma’s warmth maybe it was curiosity maybe he was weak in flight but this morning he lost his chirp his vulnerable body … Continue reading

Symmetrical Fortress

These birds are architects of varying breeds and color building symmetrical fortresses to house their young and reside in safety. poem & photo by (c) j.ajabad 2012

An observation

She plucked a plump delicacy from the earth and while struggling with it another robin chased and teased her, plucked it away. (c) j.ajabad 2012

Observations, Lessons, Nature, & Poetry

Lately, I’ve been watching the inhabitants in the branches of my weeping cherry blossom tree. A robin built her nest and soon and soon an egg appeared. Then two more were added. However, today I discovered when those beautiful robin blue eggs hatched a week ago they actually gave way to four chicks. I’ve learned a … Continue reading

Play & Flight

Birds play like children beneath a turquoise canopy one little fella a sparrow plays hopscoth, in my bush hoping to and fro he chirps asking me to catch him if I can so I join until I watch him flutter on by soaring to altitudes above my grasp, laughing all the way this contagion fills … Continue reading

sultry night

Beneath a sultry moon the night sways in granted light to a thousand rustic violins, serenity sweeps across a dusty dance floor as the day lingers simmering into the dusk leaving only ashes. (c) 2011 j.ajabad

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