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Indian Summer

October sunamber rays burndays of yearningIndian Summerleaves streaked blood reddrizzling downfrom ocean blue skiessuch Glory. (c) j.ajabad 2016 Advertisements

Poememes: Week 7

It’s Thursday again! Time for another Poememes Prompt…WhooHoo! :::Crickets Chirping:::: Let me start over! For anyone who maybe reading this post these Poememes prompts which consist of 1 verse of poetry and some art mediums can be found here every Thursday. The challenge began in February 2014, and has occurred in some fashion on Canvas … Continue reading


It’s Thursday and that means it’s poememe prompt time again. This week’s prompt is to compose a concrete poem using ONE verse and add a splash of color. Concrete poetry is composed in a specific shape or typograpghy. For instance, you could highlight the shape of your text or draw around or near it. Considering it’s … Continue reading


This week’s poememe prompt is Nature. You can use items from actual nature you acquire from a nature walk. (‘Tis the season in my neck of the woods to find fallen leaves and twigs everywhere, LOL.) You can use nature inspired embellishments like stickers, flowers and leaves. Or take a photo of nature and make … Continue reading

an excerpt from my p.s journal

Poets prescribe life’s anecdotes. (j.ajabad 2015)

The Only Way to Destress…

Summer vacation is supposed to be relaxing. Well this summer has been incredibly rough. The only thing I took a vacation from was my blog. I forgot about the Poememes challenge yesterday until right before I fell asleep.  OH BOY! Is anyone out there wondering what happened to the challenge? If so I apologize yet … Continue reading

Poememes: Dive Into the Archives

Oh the dreaded crunch! Why do we need to have finals?  It’s a weird feeling to be almost done with a semester and have a “to-do” list that could blanket the globe. This semester was a rollercoaster ride especially because I spent much of my time creating. I am convinced that I’ll figure out a … Continue reading

Poememes: 3 Of A Kind

Hey folks! It’s thursday again. Which means POEMEMES! Am I giving the illusion that I am shouting into a bullhorn from a rooftop?! I kind of picture that when I see someone type something all in caps. They are either incredibly excited or forgot to turn the caps lock off. Hopefully it’s incredibly excited, which … Continue reading

Wear Your Poetry

Through April rains I shall wear my voice in verses. Scribbling thoughts on my sleeves read them before they smear.#wearyourpoetry — One Canvas One Soul (@1canvas1soul) March 27, 2014 You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve? Well, throughout the month of April I plan to wear or carry my heart in verses of poetry! Starting … Continue reading

Poememes: One Sentence Autobiography

Another thursday and another Poememes prompt! If you are new to Poememes visit here. This week write a poetic verse about yourself. Can you condense your life’s story into one sentence? Let’s give it a try! Remember to utilize artwork into it. What does this art/autobiography say about you? For example if you have a … Continue reading

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