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To Be RESCHEDULED! I realized that I was over zealous in having a blog-wide event. I didn’t have enough resources at the moment. In addition, my blog recently came off of a 3-4 month hiatus, which made things challenging because of a lack of followers. I plan on hosting Create-a-palooza in the near future (hopefully … Continue reading

Indian Summer

October sunamber rays burndays of yearningIndian Summerleaves streaked blood reddrizzling downfrom ocean blue skiessuch Glory. (c) j.ajabad 2016

Poememes: Week 7

It’s Thursday again! Time for another Poememes Prompt…WhooHoo! :::Crickets Chirping:::: Let me start over! For anyone who maybe reading this post these Poememes prompts which consist of 1 verse of poetry and some art mediums can be found here every Thursday. The challenge began in February 2014, and has occurred in some fashion on Canvas … Continue reading

Poememes: WEEK 6

This prompt is a day late. ;( Anyways, today’s prompt is monogram. Use your initials or the initials of someone you love for this piece. Utilize one of the three letters as beginning of your verse. *Bonus: use words that start with all three letters of your monogram I your sentence. How to share: Upload … Continue reading


It’s Thursday and that means it’s poememe prompt time again. This week’s prompt is to compose a concrete poem using ONE verse and add a splash of color. Concrete poetry is composed in a specific shape or typograpghy. For instance, you could highlight the shape of your text or draw around or near it. Considering it’s … Continue reading


After a week’s hiatus the poememes prompts are back.  This week’s prompt: emphasize one word in your verse and utilize some art. You can highlight the word by illustrating your chosen word in the sentence. You can make a word more bold or frame the word, etc. Just make sure you have art+verse in your … Continue reading

Poememes: Week 2

This week’s prompt is Mosaics. Remember art class or during a troop meeting when you did a mosaic project. I remember one project where we used tissue paper to create a mosaic plate and my brother made a mosaic tile with smaller square tiles. For your mosaic you can use any medium you can piece … Continue reading

Poememes Prompt: Week 1

Draw, sketch, collage, doodle, etc.. your image. It can be of anything or anyone you are drawn to.Or you can write a concrete verse about something you are drawn to. Just draw….Anything. Anything at all.This is a drawing specific prompt. Don’t worry about quality. However, you interpret this prompt make sure it has a component … Continue reading

Poememes Prompts Begin Tomorrow

Poememes prompt challenge begins tomorrow (Sept. 10)!What is it: A weekly challenge hosted by our sister sites: Canvas Poetry and Canvas Alcove (the forum). Poememes is a hybrid term combining poem and meme. However we define meme as any medium that can be used to support and make art and write verse. (that is our short-hand version).To simplify it a bit … Continue reading

Backdrops: Ink drips, tape and paint splatter…Oh MY!

I began working in my Lines mini-journal over the last few days. I prepped my pages with paint, ink, incent ash, masking tape, and scrapbook paper just to name of few staples of my current backgrounds. These prepared backgrounds should save time and be less intimidating than a crisp white blank page. Below is the gallery of … Continue reading

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