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The Blogging Plan

For many years I’ve been attempting to be a more organized and habitual blogger. Well I believe I may have finally become a little more organized via my happy planner. Last November I discovered this great planning system with heart cut-out discs, plenty of paper, stickers, and sticky notes. The discs are super cute and functional … Continue reading

Discover Your Creativity: At Your Canvas

Are you looking for a friendly, supportive, and creative place to make your art? Canvas Poetry may have the answer…
<a href=" Continue reading

I Got A Poetique Feeling Down In My Heart

I currently began writing poetry again. I found inspiration on twitter reading some wonderful micropoetry. I’ve tried my hand at a few pieces and I will post them soon. My timing couldn’t be better because April is nigh and you know what that means?! National Poetry Month! I’m quite excited for it this year because … Continue reading

FOUND: A writing community

While doing some research to answer a question from someone who recently discovered poetry I found this promising online writing group. It’s funny what you discover when helping others. I’ve done some research to gauge the effectiveness of scribophile. After much internal debate I decided to join and so I did. Last night I became … Continue reading

25 word story

I was clicking through my feed on bloglovin‘ and found a great challenge on the Daisy Yellow blog.  The challenge consists of writing a 25 word story on an index card. I was surprised I didn’t have much trouble with creating a story. However, I think I went over the word count by one or … Continue reading


Hey folks! Since there is a handful of new items on my blog I decided to write about them. I am happy to say there is a new poetry blog in the directory.  The blog titled: Immortal Words of Me,  is a journey through a poetic soul whose expression is both eloquent and mesmerizing! You can … Continue reading

Poememes: Altered Cup

So today’s the day for Canvas Poetry’s blog project, Poememes. I am like a kid in a candy store that is how excited I have been. Anyways here’s first prompt: Alter a paper cup + verse of poetry. I took last week’s coffee cup and transformed it into an altered cup of art with a verse … Continue reading

Poememes: A poetry and art weekly challenge

Poememes: a hybrid word that combines poem and memes. A single verse of poetry transmitted on a viable surface. This is a weekly challenge that utilizes a one-line poem that is transmitted, translated or accompanied by a chosen medium…. This challenge combines my love for poetry and art. Since art and poetry can be “transmitted” in almost any … Continue reading

Got Paper?! Here’s two sheets of downloadable paper

I often create stationary to share here. Some of which is digital while some are made by hand. You can download the pieces either one or both and then use them for your personal use only. If you write a poem and post it to your blog please link back to the canvas.Below you’ll find … Continue reading

Canvas Condensed Soup

After much consideration I decided to combine and condense my site One Canvas One Soul with my blog Canvas Poetry.  I made this decision based on a few realities: I can literally update my blog from anywhere. Easier to keep track of one condensed site, or in this case blog. I  grew tired of the … Continue reading

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